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Founded in 2007, Sarga Percussion is a Quebec company, producing percussion instruments. In the first years of fabrication, Sarga Percussion has specialized in the conception and assembling of traditional djembé with great concern to respect the origin of the instruments, which allowed the company to position itself strongly in the Quebec market.

Following an increasingly growing demand and interest for cajon instruments, in 2011 Sarga Percussion has undertaken to develop a range of instruments entirely made of wood, the "All Wood Series" offering innovative and unique sound.

In our quest for high quality and environmental sustainability, all our instruments are developed and manufactured with stringent criteria of accuracy and material quality control management. Sarga Percussion innovates and stands out with a range of instruments offering quality, lightweight and exceptional sound.

All skins used for Sarga Percussion are carefully selected to meet quality standards that all percussionists are looking for, from the beginners to the most demanding and experienced.

Our professional quality instruments are completely made and assembled in Quebec.

Our goal is simple! Provide lightweight instruments which respect the authentic and traditional sound, offering innovation and quality while being manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Thank you for your confidence!
Serge Dagenais, President


Vivid Colors!

Orange, Red …. Sarga Percussion was one of the first manufacturer to offer a range of bright color djembes. You see it from afar ? It's probably a Sarga!


To Make Djembe 12½" X 24" in a traditional way, we have to use 25 feet of wood.

The Sarga Percussion method uses only 10 feet of wood to make Djembe of the same dimension

Djembe's Origin

The djembe originated in West Africa, especially the Mandingo country. The djembe animates many festivities. Today, the practice of djembe extends now all over the world.


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