Sarga Percussion Elembo KE140

Available colours
  • Sienna
  • Maple Brown
    Maple Brown


Carved by hand, each djembe in this series has its own unique character. For those who want a touch of heat and exoticism with a rich tone.

Sarga Percussion Elembo djembes are made with a greater number of staves so as to offer better sound dispersion and more stability of the barrel. These high quality instruments are hand carved and fitted with a raw skin with unshaven crown. We use a 3/16" double braided polyester rope to guarantee the necessary tension and keep the djembe well tuned. They are made of poplar and offered in two colour ranges and two sizes.

Dimensions 14" x 24"
Wood Poplar
Skin Raw goat skin with unshaven crown
Ropes 3/16" double braided polyester
Finished Ultra penetrating stain with polyurethane finish

Raw skin
  • crown

    It is necessary to use a larger dimensioned skin to preserve the crown. The drum head skin is shaved with a blade directly on the djembe and requires a much longer drying period. We obtain several advantages by using this type of skin; reduced risk of detachment of the skin under high tuning conditions, more player comfort with the cord knots covered, and a most attractive appearance.

  • 1 year Warranty

    All our percussion instruments come with a one year limited warranty. This warranty extends only to defects in materials or workmanship.

    There are no warranty on skins.

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