Sarga Percussion Malako KM125

Available colours
  • Golden Oak
    Golden Oak


This range is a wise choice for the novice as well as the experienced percussionist who is looking for an affordable instrument without compromising tonality.

Sarga Percussion Malako djembes are hand crafted with the greatest care to offer powerful tone and clarity. These high quality instruments are fitted with a white skin. We use a 3/16" double braided polyester rope to guarantee the necessary tension and keep the djembe well tuned. They are made of poplar and offered in two sizes.

Dimensions 12½" x 24"
Wood Poplar
Skin white goat skin
Ropes 3/16" double braided polyester
Finished Ultra penetrating stain with polyurethane finish

White Skin
  • White Skin

    A white skin is one that is treated in a way that loosens the hair by the roots. By this process we obtain a thinner skin, which produces a clearer tone.

  • 1 year Warranty

    All our percussion instruments come with a one year limited warranty. This warranty extends only to defects in materials or workmanship.

    There are no warranty on skins.

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